A Marketers Guide to Microsoft Dynamics

The Marketing Technology Webinars are geared towards bringing together marketers and technology specialist that have implemented or want to implement an integrated stack of marketing technology and Dynamics 365. Working towards the common goal of how-to better leverage and understand these applications. Bringing our community together once again for peer-to-peer knowledge sharing. Allowing marketers and IT specialist to sit in the same 'virtual' room and understand how they can better work together in the implementation of and use of these applications. Specifically ones that integrate back into the Microsoft stack. 

Join Dynamic Communities, Microsoft and other ISVs as we bring together marketers and technology specialist that have implemented or want to implement an integrated stack of marketing technology and Dynamics 365. All working towards the common goal of how-to better leverage and understand these applications.

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What is a CDP and how does it unite Marketing and Sales teams?




In this session, marketers will learn the following:

  • What is a CDP
  • How can it be used to unite sales and marketing teams in Dynamics 365
  • Tips on how to build a business case for CDP

This session will end with a D365/Customer Insights demo showcasing how Microsoft’s CDP, Customer Insights, can be used with Marketing Automation and website analytics for a 360-degree view of the customer. 


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Mishel Justesen

How to Use the Campaigns Entity to Prove Your Worth as a Marketer

Looking for a better way to prove an ROI on your marketing budget? Look no farther than the Campaign entity. In this session, marketers will learn how the Campaign entity can help:

  • Manage the overall marketing budget
  • Track campaign spending and ROI
  • Improve (and speed up) marketing reports
  • Prove the worth of the marketing department
  • Use this year’s success to sell your boss on next year’s budget


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Natalie Jackson

How to use LinkedIn to get Sales and Marketing Driving Leads Together The sales team needs leads and as they are busy building lists and mining data in LinkedIn to find those leads, they often forget that the marketing team can supply the content and content strategy that builds trust with their target audience. With new features in LinkedIn that connects directly to Dynamics, their has never been a better time for sales and marketing to work together in LinkedIn to drive lead generation for a business.


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Marie Wiese

3 Ways to Grow your Existing Customers’ Experiences

Marketing is about more than single, standalone interactions - it’s about building a complete customer experience.

If you want your business to succeed, you need to take a step back and see the bigger picture. How do all your marketing activities connect? What do your customers really experience? How are you capturing data? How are you using that data? Is your sales team integrated in the experience? What about customer success? And how can you keep your teams working towards the same goal?

In this webinar, we’ll examine the key ingredients to working better together for marketing success. Our aim is to help you navigate your wins, plus help you understand that when marketers leverage their customers’ data AND collaborate internally with sales and customer success, they can craft unforgettable customer experiences through personalization that’s delivered on the right channels. 

Let us guide you through the challenges of being a marketer; we will even give you three simple ideas that will maximize your marketing + sales + success potential.


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Dan  Griffin

Marketing Technology Guide for Dynamics: 5 Departments That Can Benefit from Marketing Automation

Marketing technology is for more than just marketers – with the integration of business systems, marketing automation technology can help to automate communication processes throughout an organization. During this session we’ll explore 5 departments in an organization that can utilize a marketing automation platform and provide use case examples for each of those departments.  We’ll also highlight how a native marketing solution can not only extend the usage and value of your martech platform, but also extend the usage and value of your Dynamics CRM. On-demand

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Erin Hannaford

5 Obstacles to Marketing success with Dynamics 365 and how to avoid them
Whether you already have a marketing solution for Dynamics 365 or are just considering one, this session is meant for you. In this webinar, we will discuss several organizational and technical roadblocks that can severely limit the success of your marketing investment. At the conclusion we will outline strategies to help to both avoid and overcome these obstacles to ensure that your organization is seeing maximum ROI from your marketing investment. On-demand


Brad Burks

Brad Burks


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