Your Dynamics GP Tech Conference Media Toolkit

Get ready to join us August 24-26, 2020 for tailored training and expert exchanges for Partners of Microsoft Dynamics GP! No matter how involved you are in this year's event, here's a Media Toolkit to help you maximize your GP Tech opportunities.

After all, you can play a crucial role in this conference by sharing this event with anyone who you think would add value to and benefit from this global conversation. By working together, we can ensure this virtual conversation produces tangible tools for growth before, during, and after the conference. Here are a few steps to help you get the word out:

A. Follow Us
Connect with us on Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn to stay up-to-date with the latest conference information and potentially increase your visibility in the community by giving us a shout-out when telling others about your conference experience.

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B. Choose Your Image
Download your social media images by right-clicking on each graphic and selecting the "Save image as..." option. There are different sized images for Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn.

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If you're looking for more specific graphics related to your role at GP Tech, you can find them in the downloadable folders below:

Download Speaker Images         Download Sponsor Images

C. Write Your Post
Craft a fun message about #GPTechConf to share with the images above. Here are a few best tips and tricks for writing a re-tweet/share worthy post:

  • Include the official event hashtag (#GPTechConf) to make it easy for people to find your posts and contribute to the conversation.
  • Attach an eye-catching graphic to increase the chances of your post being re-tweeted or shared by 33%.
  • If you are a speaker or sponsor, encourage your network to see/chat with you at the event.


A. Download Your Materials
Select the appropriate category below to download addition Media Toolkit materials that best suit your needs for inviting others:


  • Editable PPTX for your presentation onsite
  • Email signature

Download Speaker Media Kit



  • Blog example
  • Email signature

Download Sponsor Media Kit